S&A004: Does The Current Medical System in Canada Fulfil The needs of Its Athletes? With Joshua Levin

What is the state of the current Canadian medical system? Does it fulfill the needs of our athletes and provide them with enough support?

To discuss that I invited a special guest to the podcast. His name is Joshua Levin and he is a doctor currently working in the Manitoba province. Josh and I got to know each other from the gym where we trained.  At that time I was helping few athletes with the Olympic lifts and he approached me asking for some advice on how to improve mobility and flexibility for the Olympic lifts. We became friends and I took over his training for a while to help him improve his flexibility and strength.

Josh was involved in sports from an early age. He focused more on track and field and football for many years and right now he is hooked onto CrossFit.

In today’s episode, we gonna talk about the current state of the Canadian medical system and if this system fulfills the needs of our athletes. We also gonna discuss what therapeutic modalities should be used by athletes to improve their recovery. Josh also gonna drop in some tips and tricks he uses to stay fit at the age of 40 while maintaining the stressful job of a physician.

So thank you for tuning in and here is the podcast.