Enter The Competition Chapter 1

Saturday 11th of March was the first competition for Kristian Abian Andrew,  in the 85kg class at the Mario Parente Classic. This competition also serves as a qualifier for the Quebec Senior Classic.

On one hand, we never expected that the competition will be right after the end of our training cycle, so we had luck in our side since the peaking matched the competition date, and on the other hand making weight was not an issue since he only had 3lbs of extra weight to cut.

When Kris first started training with me he could barely Snatch 95kg (210lbs), Clean and Jerk  128kg (28olbs) and Back squat 153kg (335lbs). He also had a host of other issues which I divided into two levels as I described below.

At the Mechanical level:

1.Hips were too low at the starting position for both lifts

2.Coming up on toes at the bottom of the lifts

3.Feet coming in inside which puts him in a very narrow stance thus reducing his leverage

At the Physiological level:

1.Maximum Strength was too low comparatively to his competition lifts

2.Strength weaknesses at crucial angles of the pulling phase

There are other problems that need to be addressed, which I didn’t include here, but the one I described above are the ones we needed to focus on primarily.

After running two intermediate(Class 1) training cycles, we managed to fix 1, 2 and improve 3 at the mechanical level and improve 1 and at the physiological level, which consequently increased his numbers in the competition lifts.

Here are the pre-competition attempts right after finishing our second training cycle:

Snatch 111kg With straps

Clean and jerk 143kg

Back Squat 175kgx4reps


In competition he went 4 out of 6  hitting:

A 104kg Snatch

And a 135kg Clean and Jerk


Nonetheless, this is a very good start for Kristian and there is more to expect from him in the future.


PS: Special thanks to our friend Cathy Hunt for coming to the meet to support us and for taking the pictures.