The Greek Chapter-Weightlifting Highlights from Day1 in Athina Club

This is the third series out of six series which entail Olympic Weightlifting highlights of various athletes from the Athina club owned by Alexandros Kouvakas coach, Dimitris Vellianitis.

Below are the Weightlifting highlights of Eirin Bourelia Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Eirin Bourelia  

Eirin is Dimitris’s wife. She is a mother of three children and recently she just got back to Olympic Weightlifting after six years off of it. In the video, she snatches 75kg and clean and jerks 90kg which is pretty impressive for somebody who just got back into Olympic Weightlifting. She is also looking to make a comeback to the competition platform while juggling a full-time job and her responsibilities as a mom. Talk about dedication and no excuses!

Kostas Gkaripis

Kostas is a family man and an ex-super heavyweight Olympic Weightlifter, holder of many national, provincial and University titles among them junior national champion and university national champion. He is retired and now coaches junior level athletes and dedicate himself to the development and promoting Olympic Weightlifting in Greece.

In this video, Kotas shows up for a casual training session after six hours long drive because of work. Here (in running shoes!) he smashed easily a 140kg snatch and 180kg clean and jerk at a body weight of 108kg. Then he finished with an EASY 280kg back squat with no belt or knee wraps!

He also didn’t hold back in sharing with me his wisdom. One of the great advice he gave me was the following:

“Never ever stop training, you should train every day. Even if you are very tired and you feel like you can’t lift any weight, just show up and lift the bar.”