S&A007: A Story of a Successful Transition to Olympic Weightlifting And Olympic Weightlifting in Africa and Britain With Forrester Osei

Welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast. Today’s guest is my man Forrester cris Osei a former American football player and now a professional Olympic weightlifter under Ghanaian National Team.

Cris is also a strength coach and lives and train in London, England under his coach Morgan. Cris had a successful transition from American Football to Olympic Weightlifting. He participated in a few African championships and the 2015 Olympic Weightlifting world championship and then he went on to win a gold in the 94kg class in the commonwealth Olympic weightlifting championship of 2016. In today’s episode, we talk about his career, the current state of Olympic Weightlifting in Africa and Britain.

Thank you for tuning in and enjoy today’s episode!