S&A008: From Marine Corps to Olympic Weightlifting and Olympic Weightlifting in Africa and US, The Story of Ernest “Spiffy” Prempeh

Welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast! Today’s guest is my Friend Ernest Prempeh known as Spiffy or JackedHippie. An ex-marine corps, Ernest now is an Olympic Weightlifter that compete for Ghanaa. He lives in new jersey and owns Incessant Strength and Weightlifting where he is a strength and conditioning coach and also an Olympic Weightlifting coach. Ernest competed in many American and African championships and held a spot in the Ghanaian Olympic weightlifting team.

In today’s episode we talk about his career as a marine corps and as an olympic weightlifting athlete and coach,  then we discuss the current state of olympic weightlifting in Africa and in United State.

Thank you for tuning in and enjoy the episode.