S&A010: Rehabbing with movement analysis and the recovery modalities used by top athletes With Phil Gauthier

welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast! Today’s guest is my friend Phil Gauthier, he is a physical therapist and strength
and conditioning coach located in Boston, Massachusetts. Phil has been involved in sports from a young age. He played football and participated in many powerlifting meets. After graduating from university, he decided to dedicate himself to rehabbing athletes and physical enthusiast from injuries, as well as improving their physical movement.

In today’sĀ episode, we talk about:

  • Phil’s career and how he decided to become a physical therapist.
  • Why he decided to launch the company Element26-athletic-gear.
  • The most common injuries that he deals with in his practice.
  • The recovery modalities used by top athletes.


Thank you for joining me today and enjoy this episode!