The Greek Chapter-Alexandros Kouvakas Training Day 2 Afternoon Training Session at The National Olympic Weightlifting Center

This is the fourth series out of six series that documents my trip to Greece back in March.

This series contains the afternoon training session of the second day of the week of my friend Alexandros Kouvakas (who is part of the Greek national Olympic Weightlifting team) at the Greek National Olympic Weightlifting Center.

The afternoon training session was pretty grueling and although Alex was still tired from training in the morning and the days before, he managed to finish this training session without any problem.

The training session started around 5 pm and was composed of:


Joint rotations

Barbell Back raises

Banded Scapular retractions 

Partial GHR/ Russian Curls


Cleans from blocks up to 190kg

Snatch from blocks up to 140kg

A little pull daily  max out up to 250kg

After finishing up his volume for the day, Alex did other accessory exercises which are not in the film.