S&A011: Life as a triple jumper, the training of the triple jumpers and the current state of track & field in Guyana and the United States with Troy Doris

Welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast!

Today’s guest is my friend Troy Doris who is an elite triple jumper.  Troy got involved in sports at a young age and he got introduced to track and field, more specifically the triple jump event, thru his brothers. Originally from Guyana Troy was born and raised in the united states and has been training for and competing in the triple jump event for over 10 years and ranks in between the Top 10 Triple Jumpers In The World as per the 2016-2017 year. He also held multiple awards in this same event which are:

  • 2-time High School National Champion
  • 4-time NCAA Big 10 Champion gold medalist
  • Bronze medal in the USATF Indoor Championships 2014
  • National record holder in Guyana

Furthermore, he finished in the 7th place in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In today’s episode we discuss Troy’s career as a triple jumper, the training methods he uses to improve his performance and the current state of track and field in Guyana and the united states.

Thank you for tuning in and enjoy this episode!