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  • S&A008: From Marine Corps to Olympic Weightlifting and Olympic Weightlifting in Africa and US, The Story of Ernest “Spiffy” Prempeh

    Welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast! Today’s guest is my Friend Ernest Prempeh known as Spiffy or JackedHippie. An ex-marine corps, Ernest now is an Olympic Weightlifter that compete for Ghanaa. He lives in new jersey and owns Incessant Strength and Weightlifting where he is a strength and conditioning coach and […]

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  • S&A007: A Story of a Successful Transition to Olympic Weightlifting And Olympic Weightlifting in Africa and Britain With Forrester Osei

    Welcome back to another episode of the strong and athletic podcast. Today’s guest is my man Forrester cris Osei a former American football player and now a professional Olympic weightlifter under Ghanaian National Team. Cris is also a strength coach and lives and train in London, England under his coach Morgan. Cris had a successful transition […]

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  • The Greek Chapter-Dimitris Vellianitis Interview Part4/4 – Balance Training and Dimitris’s Olympic Weightlifting Career

    This is the second series out of six series which entail an interview with Alexandros Kouvacs’s coach Dimitris Vellianitis. In this interview, we talk about the Greek weightlifting system. Below is the first part of the interview which contains a short biography about Dimitris Vellianitis. Enjoy and stay tuned for the second part! Part1 Taha: Tell […]